Monday, September 18, 2017

Hillary Clinton is a fan of Francis especially when he parrots ideas from Heschel & Lévinas

The Hildabeast pointing at her brain.

The TED talk Francis gave which Hillary Clinton glowingly writes of (see the excerpt below) can be watched here and is nothing more than Hasidic detritus.  It should come as no surprise to readers that Mrs. Clinton and Francis are big into Hasidic concepts.  Not surprisingly, Clinton still sees herself as the center of the world.  She has little “empathy” for the Christians she has worked her entire political career to legislate into serfdom if not out of existence because their beliefs are not “politically correct”.  In the next breathe she writes that Christians need to have “empathy and understanding” for “the other” (i.e. politically correct classes which have special rights denied to Christians).  Hillary’s solution to what ails society like Francis is Hasidism and its “No Religion Is an Island” not the Social Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

source: What Happened? by Hillary Clinton, epub edition (2017), pp. 493-6.

Hillary stuck in the narcissistic loop of Hasidim.

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The Great Rabbi Bergoglio wishes Happy Talmudic Holidays to All!

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— English translation 

Vatican 18 July 2017
Rabbi Abraham Skorka, 
For many years now, I write to you to wish a happy new Jewish year to you, your family, your Benei Tikva Community, along with all the friends of Buenos Aires. 
Rosh Hashanah* and the Day of Forgiveness (Yom Kippur)** are a time of introspective reflection within the confines of the Hebrew tradition.  They begin in oneself, in the hope that the attitude will spread to all who form the great human family. 
That the prayers to be recited, those that we shared years ago, when you invited me to Benei Tikva, and that I keep in the memory and the heart, are welcomed with favor by God, and may they awaken in everyone a commitment of love and fraternity.  Keep me in mind, as I will likewise (keep you in mind)

*Rosh HaShanah 2017 will begin in the evening of Wednesday, September 20 and ends in the evening of Friday, September 22
**Yom Kippur in 2017 will begin in the evening of Friday, September 29 and ends in the evening of Saturday, September 30

What are some of the prayers to be “recited” and “introspective reflection(s) within the confines” of Talmudic ritual to be performed which Francis, “hope(s) that the attitude will spread to all who form the great human family”?

Kaparot — Transferring your sins to a chicken, swinging it around your head and reciting magic Babylonian prayers!

Tashlikh — Transferring your sins to a piece of bread and casting it into water while saying Talmudic prayers!

Shofar — Blowing a ram’s horn to confuse the devil!

Kol Nidre — Reciting this infamous oath repudiating prayer!

Aramaic Text
כָּל נִדְרֵי, וֶאֱסָרֵי, וּשְבוּעֵי, וַחֲרָמֵי, וְקוֹנָמֵי, וְקִנוּסֵי, וְכִנוּיֵי, דִנְדַרְנָא, וּדְאִשְתַּבַּעְנָא, וּדְאַחֲרִמְנָא עַל נַפְשָׁתָנָא. •מִיוֹם כִּפּוּרִים שֶׁעָבַר עַד יוֹם כִּפּוּרִים זֶה, וּ־־• ♦מִיוֹם כִּפּוּרִם זֶה עַד יוֹם כִּפּוּרִים הַבָּא עָלֵינוּ לְטוֹבָה.♦ בְּכֻלְהוֹן אִחֲרַטְנָא בְהוֹן. כֻּלְהוֹן יְהוֹן שָׁרָן, שְׁבִיקין, שְׁבִיתִין, בְּטֵלִן וּמְבֻטָלִין, לָא שְׁרִירִין, וְלָא קַיָמִין. נִדְרָנָא לָא נִדְרֵי, וֶאֱסָרָנָא לָא אֱסָרֵי, וּשְׁבוּעָתָנָא לָא שְׁבוּעוֹת.

English Text

All vows, and prohibitions, and oaths, and consecrations, and konams and konasi and any synonymous terms, that we may vow, or swear, or consecrate, or prohibit upon ourselves, •from the previous Day of Atonement until this Day of Atonement and ...•♦from this Day of Atonement until the Day of Atonement that will come for our benefit.♦ Regarding all of them, we repudiate them. All of them are undone, abandoned, cancelled, null and void, not in force, and not in effect. Our vows are no longer vows, and our prohibitions are no longer prohibitions, and our oaths are no longer oaths.

Who needs Jesus the Christ and the Sacraments He Divinely-Instituted when one can settle for the rabbis and their man-made superstitions?

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Francis’ zero tolerance abuse policy?

Vatican Diplomat Recalled Amid Child Porn Investigation
A high-ranking priest working in the Vatican's embassy in Washington has been recalled after U.S. prosecutors asked for him to be charged there and face trial in a child pornography investigation, Vatican and U.S. officials said Friday.

The diplomat was suspected of possessing, but not producing or disseminating, child pornography including images of pre-pubescent children, a U.S. source familiar with the case said. The source was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

The Vatican declined to identify the priest, but said he was currently in Vatican City and that Vatican prosecutors had launched their own probe and sought evidence from the U.S.

If the accusations pan out, the case would be a major embarrassment for the Vatican and Pope Francis, who has pledged "zero tolerance" for sexual abuse. The diplomat would be the second from the Vatican's diplomatic corps to face possible criminal charges for such crimes during Francis' papacy. And any trial in the Vatican would come as Francis' own financial czar, Cardinal George Pell, is on trial in his native Australia for alleged historic sex abuse cases.

The State Department said it had asked the Vatican to lift the official's diplomatic immunity on Aug. 21. It said that request was denied three days later. For the State Department to make such a request, its lawyers would have needed to be convinced that there was reasonable cause for criminal prosecution.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Francis Follies — Colombia trip

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stills taken from this cell phone video

Francis the paranoid tin-pot dictator

Cardinal Caffarra revealed before he died that he was being “watched” and “his communications were being intercepted” by the Vatican

The late Cardinal Caffarra told Gabriel Ariza, a reporter who visited the cardinal in Bologna a few months ago, that he was under surveillance by the Holy See and demonstrated to him that, “his communications were being intercepted.”  According to Ariza, at the time the Cardinal told him that, “He suffered endlessly from the insults of those who accused him of being ‘an enemy of the Pope’.”  This was of some concern to Caffarra who said, “I would have preferred to be accused of having a homosexual lover than being branded an enemy of the Pope.”  Cafffarra also revealed that the, “four cardinals who had made public the dubia were being observed, that they had communications intercepted and that they could do little more than seek some form of more secure communication.”  The paranoia of Francis and his posse of revolutionaries know no bounds!